The Point of No Return: The Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada Threatened by Site C Dam

Description: In August 2016, Amnesty International released a report on the human rights violations associated with the Site C dam, “Point of No Return”. The proposed $8 billion plus Site C hydroelectric dam would flood more than 80 km of the river valley, stretching west from Fort St. John, as well as its tributaries. The severe impact on Indigenous peoples is beyond dispute. A joint federal-province environmental impact assessment concluded that the dam would “severely undermine” use of the land, would make fishing unsafe for at least a generation, and would submerge burial grounds and other crucial cultural and historical sites. The report can be found at the link listed below.

Key Words:  Site C, Indigenous rights, West Moberly, Prophet River, BC Hydro

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Lead Organization  Amnesty International
Regional Focus  Peace River, Northern Rockies
Status  Complete
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