The Heart of the Rockies Conservation Atlas

DescriptionThe Heart of the Rockies Initiative is a land trust partnership that works to conserve both continentally significant ecological values at the landscape scale and community values that are prized locally. This partnership provides strategic vision, the latest science, and international cooperation to the strong collaborative work being done by 24 land trusts, protecting critical habitats and private ranch, farm and timberlands in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Eastern Washington, British Columbia and Alberta. The Heart of the Rockies Conservation Atlas delivers the latest science in climate change adaptation and habitat connectivity to help identify and validate selection of future conservation targets. It includes a curated collection of connectivity and climate data at a scale that is useful to on-the-ground practitioners and is grouped into themed galleries: Connectivity, Habitat, Climate Change, Working Lands, and Planning. The atlas includes tools that allow users to view datasets and add multiple layers of data, upload and analyze data, create shapefiles, export map images, download GIS layer packages, and create working groups to collaborate on projects.

Key Wordsland trust, ecological values, community values, climate change adaptation, conservation, data

Lead Organization  The Heart of the Rockies Initiative
Regional Focus  Fraser Fort George, Peace, Northern Rockies
Status  On-going
Primary Contact Michael Whitfield   E:

Bray Beltrán            E:

JoAnn Grant            E:

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