Cumulative Effects Assessment Practitioner’s Guide

DescriptionThe Cumulative Effects Assessment Practitioner’s Guide is a collaborative effort between the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) and the Cumulative Effects Assessments (CEA) Working Group. This Guide is intended primarily for practitioners who are responsible for preparing CEAs as part of a submission to appropriate regulatory bodies for project review. “Practitioners” include consultants, government agencies and proponents. The Guide may also be useful to regulatory bodies and review panels in recognizing what constitutes acceptable and reasonable practice regarding CEAs and in developing appropriate Terms of Reference for the assessments. The purpose of this Guide is to provide an overview of the CEA practice, suggestions on practical approaches to complete CEAs and case studies of approaches used by project proponents for their CEAs.

Key Words: Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, CEAA, Cumulative Effects Assessment, CEA, Practitioner’s Guide

Lead Organization  Government of Canada – Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
Regional Focus  Canada wide
Status  Complete
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