Community Mapping Network (CMN)

Description: The Community Mapping Network (CMN) helps communities map sensitive habitats and species distributions in British Columbia and Canada.  Since 2000, the CMN has created community based atlases with customized data entry and reporting tools. The atlases integrate many different data sources including local and remote data sets, geo-referenced videos and sensitive habitat mapping projects. The Atlas Gallery has over sixty user friendly atlases that use Mapguide Open Source – an interactive geographical information system integrating community and government natural resource information. Many types of information are provided through the CMN such as fish and wildlife distribution, streams and wetlands, rare and endangered species, and possible restoration sites. Uses of information include: impact assessment, research, planning, habitat restoration, and education and awareness.

Key Words: map, distribution, atlas, mapguide open source

Lead Organization  Community Mapping Network
Regional Focus  British Columbia (Pan-provincial)
Status  On-going
Primary Contact
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