Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification Program

DescriptionIn 1976, the B.C. Ministry of Forests initiated a massive classification program throughout the province. The main focus was on collecting data, refining the mapping, and further developing the classification. There was a province-wide correlation of all the data and forest regions published field guides based on classification and nomenclature. The classification is constantly being revised as new data are collected in poorly sampled areas. Some of the gaps that are gradually being filled include non-forested ecosystems (e.g., wetlands, grasslands and alpine areas), forested ecosystems in remote areas with little forest harvesting (e.g., northwestern part of the province), and young seral ecosystems. This website is the web portal for the Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (BEC) and Ecology Research program of British Columbia, it is the source for information about the BEC system and access point for current and historical reports, maps, software, and other products of the program.

Key WordsBEC, ecosystem, forestry, classification, data

Lead Organization  Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
Regional Focus  British Columbia (Pan-provincial)
Status  On-going
Primary Contact
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