BC Oil and Gas Commission

DescriptionThe BC Oil and Gas Commission (BC OCG) is an independent, single-window regulatory agency with responsibilities for overseeing oil and gas operations in British Columbia, including exploration, development, pipeline transportation and reclamation. Regulatory responsibility is delegated to BC OCG through the Oil and Gas Activities Act and includes specified enactments under the Forest Act, Heritage Conservation Act, Land Act, Environmental Management Act, and Water Act. Core roles include reviewing and assessing applications for industry activity, consulting with First Nations, ensuring industry complies with provincial legislation and cooperating with partner agencies. The BC OCG website contains information relevant to cumulative impacts including reports regarding oil and gas activity, hydraulic fracturing, and reclamation; an interactive web-based pipeline incident map; consultation process agreements and agreements with First Nations communities; and the BC OGC’s public engagement process.

Key WordsBC OCG, industry, oil and gas, hydraulic fracturing, pipeline, First Nations, provincial legislation, public engagement

Lead Organization  BC Oil and Gas Commission
Regional Focus  British Columbia (Pan-provincial)
Status  On-going
Website  www.bcogc.ca
Primary Contact www.bcogc.ca/contact
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