BC Oil and Gas Commission Area-based Analysis (ABA)

DescriptionThe Area-based Analysis (ABA) approach has been developed by the BC Oil and Gas Commission (BC OGC) as a framework for managing the impacts of oil and gas development. It is a way of looking at the cumulative effects of all industrial development across the landscape when making decisions on oil and gas applications. Using ABA, Commission decision makers can assess the impact of proposed oil and gas activities on ecological, cultural and social values in the context of all other development activities. Broad landscape impacts on specific resource values can be considered when looking at specific applications or activities, rather than just the localized effects of one permit. ABA evaluates the overall landscape – including old forest, riparian reserves and wildlife habitat. Included in this page are links specific to ABA including a guidance document, reports, key data and maps.

Key WordsArea-based analysis, ABA, BC OGC, impacts, oil and gas development, cumulative effects

Lead Organization  BC Oil and Gas Commission
Regional Focus  British Columbia (Pan-provincial)
Status  Complete
Website www.bcogc.ca/public-zone/area-based-analysis-aba
Primary Contact www.bcogc.ca/contact
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