Canadian Institute Energy Group’s Cumulative Effects and the Future of Natural Resource Management

Description: In March 2016, the Canadian Institute (CI) held a conference on ‘Cumulative Effects and the Future of Natural Resource Management’ in response to the rollout of BC’s new Cumulative Effects Framework, landmark court decisions, activity in resource development and conflicting priorities of various stakeholders involved. With the objective of building a consensus between industry, government, First Nations and other key stakeholders around the management of cumulative effects, CI gathered a diverse ‘Faculty of Speakers’ to discuss comprehensive, integrated methods for balancing the social, economic and environmental impacts of project development. The following link lists the presenters and presentation topics.

Key Words: cumulative effects, conference, BC Cumulative Effects Framework, First Nations, government, industry

Lead Organization  The Canadian Institute
Regional Focus  British Columbia (Pan-provincial)
Status  Complete
Primary Contact
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