Nechako Watershed Roundtable

Description: The Nechako Watershed Roundtable is a collaborative initiative underway in 2015 working to protect and improve the health of the Nechako watershed for future generations. The Roundtable includes representation from BC First Nations, the Province of BC, local governments and other agencies and organizations having responsibilities and interests in the watershed with the intention to create a strategic plan and to undertake and advise on water stewardship activities in the Nechako River Basin.

Key Words: Nechako watershed, watershed health, water stewardship

Lead Organization Fraser Basin Council, Government of British Columbia – Ministry of Environment
Regional Focus  Bulkley-Nechako, Fraser-Fort George, Cariboo
Status  On-going
Primary Contact Wayne Salewski: E: | T: 250 567-9542

Steve Litke: E: | T: 604 488-5358

Theresa Fresco: E: | T: 604 488-5361

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