Nechako Environmental Enhancement Fund Resource Library

Description: The purpose of the Nechako Environmental Enhancement Fund (NEEF) is to enhance the environment of the Nechako Watershed. As part of an agreement between the province of British Columbia and Alcan, Rio Tinto Alcan has agreed to contribute up to $50 million to the NEEF. A key deliverable of the Nechako Watershed Council Workplan in 2009 was the development of a bibliography of existing information concerning the Cold Water Release Facility. The NEEF Resource Library wishes to keep this information available for public use through access to the bibliography as well as links to individual subject headings.

Key Words: Nechako Environmental Enhancement Fund, Rio Tinto Alcan, resource library, cold water release facility

Lead Organization Nechako Environmental Enhancement Fund
Regional Focus  Bulkley-Nechako, Fraser-Fort George
Status Complete
Primary Contact
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