The Skeena River Estuary: Assessment of Current Status and Condition

Description: This project assessed the status and condition of the Skeena River estuary from the perspective of salmon. Three questions guided the implementation of this project: 1) What are the key pressures on salmon habitat? 2) What is the status of salmon habitat? and 3) What are critical gaps in our understanding of the estuary? With input from a regional technical advisory committee, they developed a suite of indicators and benchmarks and used them in combination with the assembled datasets to evaluate the status of the Skeena River estuary. This project revealed considerable gaps in information for the Skeena River estuary, highlighting the need for increased monitoring and assessment of trends in estuary indicators.

Key Words: Fish, monitoring, research, salmon, Skeena River estuary, water

Lead Organization Pacific Salmon Foundation
Regional Focus Skeena-Queen Charlotte
Status Complete
Primary Contact Katrina Connors, Director Skeena Programs,   604-664-7664

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