Skeena Knowledge Trust

Description: The purpose of the Skeena Knowledge Trust is to become a comprehensive source of data on wild Pacific salmonids in the Skeena Watershed, including water quality, habitat and population information. The project consists of establishing the Trust Entity, which will develop and manage a comprehensive data warehouse and catalogue of salmonid related information, focused on the Skeena Watershed. The project is being developed in two stages: the development of the Trust Agreement and the data warehousing and catalogue. The data warehouse and catalogue is being developed in parallel to the Trust Agreement and is currently in the integration and testing phase.

Key Words: Fish, Pacific, salmon, Skeena watershed, water

Lead Organizations SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, Pacific Salmon Foundation, Bulkley Valley Research Centre, and the Province of British Columbia.
Regional Focus Skeena-Queen Charlotte, Kitimat-Stikine
Status On-going
Primary Contact
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