British Columbia Cumulative Effects Framework

Description: The Government of British Columbia is currently implementing the British Columbia Cumulative Effects Framework. This framework uses a management approach to address the cumulative effects of natural resource development and to ensure the province is developing natural resources in an environmentally sustainable way. The framework gives resource managers procedures and tools to make decisions that support sustainable natural resource management.The Cumulative Effects Framework (CEF) incorporates the combined effects of all activities and natural processes into decision-making to help avoid unintended consequences and to identify economic, social, and environmental values. Interagency teams of provincial experts support integrated resource management and decision-making through cumulative effects assessments that report and map the current and future condition and trends for identified values.

Key Words: Cumulative Effects Framework (CEF), government, industry, management

Lead Organization Government of British Columbia – Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations
Regional Focus Province Wide
Status On-going
Primary Contact,   250 356 9287
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